Saturday, December 1, 2012

A Great Find

What a week!  My DH and I went to First Monday at Canton, Texas.  This is a hug trade days show that has every thing from old to new.  It is always the first weekend before the first Monday of the month and this time was my favorite of all the times we have been there.  I found this box and just had to have it.....

Needless to say what was inside....

This is a Singer hand crank sewing machine that is dated back to 1886 and it even sews!  Perfectly and the tension is GREAT...   I can just see myself sewing one night when no one else can, because I don't need any power...

The machine shows some loving wear by the throat plate and just around the Singer label.  It must have been moved from the table to a shelve often.  I have never seen so many decals on one little machine before.  She is about the size of a featherweight.

I still have to pinch myself that I found one of these beauties and I have one.  My mind goes back to who was this lady and what did she sew on this machine.....  I would love it if the machine would talk to me and tell me more about this time and place....
What a find and a steal of a deal at $150.00

This is the back and the decals just keep coming on.  She is just beautiful!  And the buying didn't stop there.  My DH repaired typewriters and I have been looking for an OLD one to put in his office.  This Underwood just filled the ticket.

I could have spend over $3,000.00 if I had the money and the space at the house for what I saw.  There was an old beautiful Coats and Clark thread drawer, price was $1,600.00.  The coolest drawer dresser for $95.00.  It looked like someone had just stacked some blocks and when I went back to buy it, it had been sold.

This was the best I had ever seen at First Monday in all the years we have gone.  But I have never gone that I could not find something that came home with me.  We have set the date and WE ARE GOING the first of the year.  Just to start the New Year off right.



  1. What a wonderful shopping trip. I love First Monday but haven't been in years since we no longer have a booth at the antique mall. It's so fun to find "treasures."

  2. They look awesome! Nice gold details on that sewing machine - it's been well taken care of. And I love the typewriter! They'll both make fabulous pictures out in the field or some other old place. :D

  3. Congratulations on your awesome find!