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Friday, October 26, 2012

QT Block Base Sew Along

We are here today with the second block in the Block Base Sew Along.  This one is #2741 and when I first saw it I agreed that I didn't want to sew it.  So I just buckle down and cut the fabric out.  It came together very easily and was a joy to make.  So ....Thank you for this one and to all of you, come on just sew one too...

My block:

This one is my drawing in EQ7:

This block was so much fun that I am really looking forward to a new block next week.  Still making the blocks 6 inch finished for my Farmer's Wife quilt.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

QT Block Base Sew Along

Welcome and good morning.  Block Base is having a Sew Along and I have decided to join in.  After getting my dates mixed up, I think I am back on track.  This is #1336 and is the first block.

I am making mine 6 inch finished squares so I can put them with my Farmer's Wife Blocks.  The Farmer's Wife book has you make 145 blocks with 34 of them a repeat.  I didn't want to do repeats so this will make up the difference. It is written by Laurie Aaron Hird.

My block:

This one is how I design it on EQ7:

I love working in EQ.  It's fun, fast and you get to see what it mite look like before you cut fabrics.  My fabric library is not as big as I would like to see, but I am working on it. 

Just for your information this is the Famer's Wife Quilt book.   I love it and out of the 111 blocks I have all but 9 of them made.

Be sure to tune in next week and I will show you block 2....yes it is all sewn together and I LOVE IT!
See you then....

Monday, October 15, 2012

PH The Staircase

We were just out driving around Texas last week and I took this photo.  Just thought I would post it and see what kind of comments I would get on it.


Thursday, October 11, 2012

Stacked Pumpkins are from Little Miss Muffet and her New Release today.  So get on over and check out all the fun new stuff.

 Stacked Pumpkins

Park Glen Door Diecut from Little Miss Muffet
twine from Martha Stewart and
Close to Cocoa Stampin' write from Stampin' Up

 Copic Sketch markers
Stamped on Cryogen White by Cut Card Stock
Leaf punch from EK
Paper and sticker from my stash

Happy Halloween

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

QT Begining Quilting with the girls

Hello everyone, yes I am still here and alive.  Life just gets really busy from time to time and this has just been my time.  I just wanted to show you what I have been up to lately.  One of my daughter's made the suggested that I should teach my little grand daughters how to quilt and then the next day two of my grand daughter asked me to teach them.  I had seen this quilt block over at Lurline's Place on Low Volume Quilting and it had stuck in my mind.  I love the low volume, they are so lite and pastel looking.

 This quilt pattern came from 'Sunday Morning Quilts' by Amandra Jean Nyberg & Cheryl Arkison.  What a cute and simple block and how easy it would be to sew together.  I changed the directions a little so that when the girls sewed 18" strips together and cut them it would make 2 blocks exactly the same with about 4" left over that could be used in the borders.  This way the girls even helped with the outside border..

 Here is Cassandra with her 16 blocks.  I am amazed at how good the girl sewed their blocks with exact 1/4" seams.  

 And here is Lydia with her 16 blocks.  Great job girls.  To start off with I asked the girls to sew 6 blocks each and if they did they would have a twin size quilt for themselves.  Then mom asked for double bed size, so I gave mom a sewing assignment and they all did what was asked of them and more. Then mom asked for one for Amelia who would be going into a bigger bed soon.  So.....2 twin quilts grew to 3 double size.

 This picture and the next is Cassandra's quilt all finished.  I even talked the girls into sharing their blocks with their sister so that all the blocks would be different in each quilt..

The backing for these quilts came from lefted over fabrics and other fabric in my stash that the girls liked.

This is Lydia's quilt.  This all took us about 1 1/2 months to start and finish the quilts.  The girls helped me cut the fabric with my accuquilt, helped pick out more fabric when the quilt sizes grew, pieced, pressed and cut their blocks.  Then when the time came they picked out their quilting pattern and help me quilt them on the long-arm machine.

The next two pictures are Amelia's double bed size quilt.  She even helped mom sew on the sewing machine one day.

Just so Amelia would not be left out for a time, I made a quilt for her daybed, which my daughter did not know about until I gave them to her.

 All of the quilts have labels on them, which was so much fun to make.  I will have to do more like this.  I used my EQ7 and designed them and then printed them on fabric sheets and sewed them onto the quilts.  Very FAST!  Mistake was made in the label and now needs to be corrected, the girls did sew 16 blocks each, not 12.

Just love to wash the quilts after they are made.  I love the look you get when you do not prewash the fabrics. Thank heavens my family room is big enough to lay out 4 double size quilts all at once.

All wrapped up and ready to give to the girls.  Each with their name showing on the top and Amelia's second quilt is inside the center of her big one.

It was later in the day by the time we got over to their house and Amelia had already gone to bed, but Cassandra and Lydia were as happy as Christmas Morning!  Each of them opened and started to play with their quilts.

I understand that there is some kind of a quilt club going on over at their house.....I will have to check it out and get back with you later.

What fun we had.  Cassandra is 8 and picked up on quilting like she had been doing it for years and Lydia age 6, just loved the whole process of the quilting.  Both are looking forward to the next quilting lesson with grandma.  Now just what are we going to do?