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Monday, October 31, 2011

QT Farmer's Wife Quilt Blocks #2

I am back with more Farmer's Wife quilt blocks, but today I am starting with my 30's prints. But I also want to talk to you about thread. There are 2 new threads on the market today. One is Aurifil and the other is Presencia. I love both of them and I have them in my stash. Which one do I like the best depends on what I am doing. First, lets talk about Aurifil.... I love the colors and you can get it in different weights. I have seen 50 and 60. I love to use the 60 when I am doing applique and hand sewing and the colors are great and MANY quilters are starting to use it these days. Presencia comes in different weights as well, I have seen 50 and 60 but I know there is another one. This is the thread that Harriet Hargrave's uses and sells at her store. She uses the 60 weight for piecing, sewing and quilting and the best thing is that it comes in the large cones! Great for machine quilting and sewing on the sewing machine. Another thing about using these 60 weight threads is that more fits on the bobbin so you don't have to stop and fill it so many times! That means more sewing! With your handwork the thread just blends in and you can't see it. I have seen seen the Aurifil in the stores more, so we need to let our quilt shops know we want Presencia too!

Now on to my Civli War blocks.... This is what started all of this and with our last trip, I got behind. I still need to do 3/4 more blocks to get caught back up. Thinking that my next set of blocks would not come until next week, I thought I would have plenty of time.....then they came. Oh well, there is always next week.....But for now I am packing up to go to the Houston International Quilt Show and there will be no more sewing until after I get back home. Hope to see you there!

So my Farmer's Wife Blocks using the Flora fabric is coming along slowly and with being behind, I did not make as many of these. More will be coming. Please enjoy...

Thursday, October 27, 2011


We are here with Megan and Little Miss Muffet Challenge #21 Use Clouds. This was a test, only a see if I could remember how to color with the Copic Markers and post a card. You be the judge? So get out your coloring medium and come join the fun over at Little Miss Muffet Stamps Challenge ....See you there......

Copic sketch markers:
Face: E000, E00, E11, R81
Hair: W2, W4, W6, W8
Clothes: RV00, R81, E50, W0, W3, W5, W8, E50, Boooo
Flower: W1, W3, G12
Clouds: C1, B0000, B91, W1, R81

Stamped on Cryogen White by Cut Card Stock, DP is from K&Company, clouds were cut from my favorite things out of felt and colored with the Copics. Stampin-up pearls, Flowers are from the craft store. I am putting my cards in these fun journal books so I can sit it one the table in my living room and rotate the cards as often as I like.
Please enjoy....

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

QT Farmer's Wife Quilt Blocks

Ok, I am still here..... A few months ago my daughter's talking me into going back to college. So that is where my rusted brain has been. I can say that learning is something that is easier if you are younger. And right now I should be doing homework. Monday night our teacher gave us 6 assignment to turn in tomorrow night and I haven't started yet. I can hear the clock just ticking away, while I spent my time doing other things.

Then this summer, my very dear friend showed me the Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt Block Book by Laurie Aaron Hird and I knew in a minute that I would just have to make them. There are 111 blocks in this book and if you want to make a king size quilt you need to make 145 blocks. I also new that it would HAVE TO BE MADE with the Civil War Fabrics. I started sewing 1 1/2 months ago and here are my Civil War Blocks:

Blocks #23, 72, 69, 70, 2

Blocks #10, 111, 9, 29, 61

Blocks #15, 34, 20, 103, 72

Blocks #16, 6, 31, 98, 21

Blocks #48, 12, 81, 84, 41

Along with making these blocks Marti Michell has made a Perfect Patch Templates Conversion Chart so you can use her Templates. All in all this makes making the blocks a lot more fun and easier. You can go to her web site and watch and sign up to receive the chart for about 10 blocks every 2 weeks. You then have 2 weeks to make the 10 blocks before you get more information and it's enough time to get them done while still living in the real world, unless you leave and go on vacation for 2 1/2 weeks with no machine. I am now behind about 15 blocks and one week to get caught back up.

It was after I started sewing the first ten when I started finding other quilt bogs that were doing the same thing and I saw one done in the 30's prints. (My other love of fabric choice) So I just knew I had to make that one too. I did a back track and resewed all the ones I had already done in the Civil War fabric.

So here are my 30's and this one will be made into a crib size quilt, so I don't have to make as many, only 50.

Blocks #12, 20, 31, 48, 10

Blocks #15, 69, 21, 41, 16

Blocks #61, 72, 111, 103, 34

Blocks #23, 9, 6, 72, 98

Blocks #84, 2, 70, 29, 81

Let me just tell you that before I started these quilt blocks, I had promised myself that I would not start any more projects until I finished up all of my UFO's (that's short for all unfinished quilt projects). Well I did get 5 quilts done and then it happened.......I just could not stand it, new projects are always more fun!

Then in my web searching I found some one else doing the same project and I just fell in love with her fabric. She didn't write what the name of it was, but I knew that while I was out running earnings that day I would just stop by the quilt shop and just look, but not buy any more fabric.

Well, look at what followed me home that day and see the blocks that I have made from Flora by Lauren Jessi Jung for Moda. It's a new fabric line that is just coming out. My quilt shop had the bundle of Fat Quarter, but not the fabric on the bolt yet, So I get to go shopping again to buy more fabric when it comes in. I will just start making the blocks now, making just the blocks that I want to make 3 of and make enough for a crib quilt.

Blocks #48, 72, 12, 98, 20

I really need help, this is worst that eating chocolate! So much for trying to get my UFO's done, I just added 3 more the the pile. Besure to tune in again and see what other stuff I can get my self into.