Tuesday, January 24, 2012

QT Farmer's Wife Table Runner

Farmer's Wife Blocks gone wild! This is one set of the Farmer's Wife blocks that I started and then decided that they were just to bright and wild for me. Then I got reminded of this table runner and then it all came together. Just the bright and wild table runner for a nice spring day or that special day, like a birthday!

The next one is another table runner I did using some odd blocks in my stash. What is really neat about the runner is that it doesn't have to be any special size so......... get out those odd blocks and have some fun! Just think, make some thing to brighten up your home or make some for your special friends. These blocks must be at least 12 years old. What a GOOD FEELING to finish something! I love getting those UFO done!

OK, what do you need to know to make these runners? Find some blocks..planned or not planned. Sew them together and put a border around them. Sew a larger border on the ends, Same fabric as the last border or use another fabric. Take the measurement on the height of your runner, add the width of your last border times 2, (for 2 borders), plus 1/2 inch for the seams. This is the measurement you will cut your last border, because it is the backing, 2 borders and seam allowance. After you sew this on you will have a tube.

Another view of the tube.

Press and fold in half and sew together. I used my serger, but it is not necessary. This will make the pointed ends of you runner.

When you press the ends, take some Heat-n'bond or alike and seal the end down. If you wanted to do handwork here, you could do that as well.

I really enjoyed making these and plan on doing more. Enjoy...

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  1. HI Peggy, wow love to see your patchwork. Great idea for using finished blocks. I've got loads lying about somewhere. Thanks for sharing. Hugs, Frea