Monday, January 16, 2012

QT Farmer's Wife Quilt Blocks #7 and lots of storage

Today I have got lots to show and tell.

First the Farmer's Wife Quilt Blocks I just finished. 10 more to add to my stash. These are :
#19, 83, 49, 40, 7, 24, 46, 38, 90, 63

The next things I want to share is the corner of my fabric and cutting room. This bookcase is only 2 steps away from my cutting table and iron and 4 steps away from my fabric cutting machine. I have my fabric stash under the table and on a few shelves next to my cutting table. This shelve also hold the small things that I use the most with my quilting, right where I can just reach out and get it when I need it.
You can see the 2 1/2 binders that fill a whole shelve. A few months ago these were about 6 piles and boxes round about my room and it was a guessing game as to were you look for what you need. Then Pinterest came into my life and it got my mind thinking. Why can't I do the same thing with my ideas and patterns? Although all of the store bought patterns were together, my magazines stuff was together and patterns shared with friends and my own art work had their place, I could not remember which of my thought were which. These books are all filled to the maxi, but everything is together in one book. I even have enough room to add more binders and more ideas!

I am going to share the Baby book. All of my store bought patterns, magazines articles and etc and here in this one book. Just like the Board's on Pinterest! Cool hug?

The next thing I want to show is my corner of my Stamping Room. This Christmas My Sweet Husband bought me the Recollections Organizer Cubes from Michaels. These have been a life save. Here again this room had different size boxes and tubs for storing and with my girls and grand daughters playing here with me..... There was not enough room. We now have empty cubes just waiting to be filled.

The first 2 pictures basically show my corner. The next one show my Barbara's corner. Our tables come out in an 'L' shape with a space for Carol and or the grand daughters on the other table.

We have lots of fun here and now everything has a home. Now if we can all get felling better we will be able to play again.
Thanks for looking and have a FUN DAY!

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