Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I Said What?

This is Barbara and I've hijacked this blog for today's post! :-D Today is Peggy's birthday, our very own "Grandma's Pearl", and a few of us are having a surprise birthday blog hop just for the occasion! So without further ado...

Happy Birthday Peggy!

Take a gander through our blog hop by starting from the beginning at ForgottenScraps ... then you'll end up right back here for this special surprise post. :-D

These cards above were made by Grandma's granddaughters who are a few of my culprits in crime. They were made using Lou Celebrating Monkey from Whiff of Joy and a cupcake from Suzie's Surprise from The Greeting Farm.

We wish you the best and hop you have a wonderful birthday! *Hugs*


  1. These are so cute! Happy Birthday, Peggy! Enjoy your special day!!!

  2. What cute cards from your Grandchildren.

    Hope you have a great birthday Peggy!!!


  3. Happy Birthday Mom! I hope you were totally shocked! :-D LOL

  4. Wow, aren't you all so very talented! Wishing you a very Happy Birthday, and eat some cake for me.

  5. Happy happy birthday Peggy!!! Super cute cards!!!