Tuesday, November 29, 2011

QT Farmer's Wife Quilt Blocks #4 and Sewing Room

Here we are today with more Farmer's Wife Blocks. These have been really fun to make and I am looking forward to having them all made so I can sew my quilt together.

These are #96, #39, #60, #62, #109, #97,
#8, #75, #30, #3

I have also been having fun on Pinterest. One of my boards have been sewing room storage and I have been so inspired by what I have seen that it has made my mind spin. After thinking about my room, what I could do with what I already have, I came up with this:

The 2 kitchen cabinets I had and was just being stored. The white tub drawers is what I have been using to store my projects in. So I went over to Home Depot and bought a 8' counter top and the shelving for above the counter. You can see that I have the important things done, with all of my supplies on the shelves and the ladder still waiting to be put away:

I used an older white shelve to put on the end to hold my smaller dies. Easy to get to when using my Studio and Go cutter. I can't believe how much room this gave me and how easy it is to use my supplies.

I hope you enjoyed seeing part of my sewing room(s). I really have 3 rooms that are connected.
It's going to be lots of fun using this new found space.

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  1. Your room looks really nice and I like how open it is even with all the storage. Nice flat counter spot is an open invitation for your next project. ;D Thanks for sharing!