Friday, February 4, 2011

QT Tablecloth Round Robin

My memory quilt

I have tried to take this picture quite a few times and just can't seam to get the color right. It is all 30's fabric and I love the look I get on this wall. It hangs in my lace room with all light green walls which doesn't help when taking a picture. So I will show it to you now and maybe this summer I will try again. This quilt is a lot of things...It started with the tablecloth in the center. My mother-in-law did the embroidery and I wanted to save it for special occasions. The top was a table runner round robin I was in a few years ago in Utah. The rest is just a round robin I did with myself. Starting with the center and doing 1 row at a time with out knowing what the next would be. I enjoy designing quilts, not know what will happen next, but letting the quilt talk to me. Please enjoy.


  1. That seems like a lot of work. It's nice and fun to have something with lots of memories on it. Good thing that you took this picture to share :o)

  2. Peggy, Thanks for sending the link to TVQG. I will enjoy following your blog.